September 14, 2012

We celebrated Iver's 1st birthday! (a few weeks early but he won't know the difference)

We built sandcastles and ate cupcakes...well Iver ate sandcastles (literally took bites out of them) while the rest of us ate cupcakes.

Iver was so excited to have all his friends around and he was so happy to be at the beach.

He gets really excited about the water and just charges into the waves, they come and splash him in the face and he just keeps going!

I keep telling Alex I wish I could re-live this last year over and over again.  I'm not ready for my baby to turn into a toddler!  Ready or not he is very much on his way to becoming one!


  1. So sad we missed out:) Looks like the kid loves the outdoors just like his parents!

  2. Look at those gorgeous blue eyes! What a handsome dude. :)

  3. Already?!?! Happy birthday to the little one!!!

  4. What a fun day! We had tons of fun celebrating with Iver!

  5. Those are 2 cute pics. His eyes and his lips, he's got it going on!